Inspired & Passionate Riders
We are a group of veteran motorcycle enthusiasts who have made our mark by providing unique, unforgettable premium tours to “road less traveled” destinations all over the globe.

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Inspired & Passionate Riders

Founded by Saar Sapir in 2009, Sapireince has grown into a passion-driven family specializing in crafted motorcycle tours to over 20 destinations around the globe. From the Far East and Asia, through Europe and Africa, and to the Americas, every tour is unique in capturing the essence. Far away cultures, splendid nature of all kinds, colors and tastes, great rides and heart-widening roads, groups of friends over beers or wine, and celebrating life after another fantastic day -whether it be a short 5 day tour or one of our journeys, we know, live and love motorcycle touring and have hand-crafted every single tour to guarantee a TOTAL experience…carved deep into your soul with all the fixings, immediately plastering that stupid smile of pure joy and unspoiled happiness!

Our Values
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All our tours are tailored made from scratch to match our vision. It begins with a “dream” – normally a destination or an area that we feel we want to add to our list. Then matching the right season for it, the routes, places to visit, hotels…discovering many things along the way while planning and scouting that alter our original plan, sometimes reversing or completely influencing the outcome altogether. The essence of the tour is then determined, and all the components are built to follow. It is a lot of work to research, study and prepare all this infrastructure, but we LOVE it, and so the outcome is a tour to just LOVE.


We RIDE! That’s what we do. We choose the best routes for you and for the ride. Diversity is usually our goal – Narrow curvy roads to climb a pass, and fast sweepers to enjoy the gas, High altitude roads with views, or down by the river winding with the blue(s)…
you can put you knees down, body up, sharp look in the curve, or smiling and waving to the boy on the side of the road… we think of your riding experience first, wherever we go!
We ride to celebrate life, no (iron) buts about it! No competitions and crazy speeds on public roads. No Alcohol before parking our bikes back at our hotel. We stop every hour for refreshments and wait patiently for the last rider to arrive safely.  We ride an average of 250-300kms a day, depending on the quality of roads and other planned activities in the itinerary. We have lots of fun – but we RIDE!!


What is there to say? The breathtaking nature everywhere on this globe is simply something… Ahhh… it’s a huge part of every tour, in the planning and in the making. Not many things can compare, whether it be a big mountain range, or orchards and vineyards of rolling hills. A vast desert, or infinite ocean views… there’s always nature around, and it’s MAGNIFICENT in every way!

However we do not only plan our routes with this in mind, but also our stops, hotels and their settings, short and beautiful hikes in nature parks, some other activities as well, wildlife, panoramas and passes…as much as we possibly can. We will take you out and through the nature, and we’ll bring the nature right to you!


There’s a story everywhere there are people. It doesn’t have to be Buddhist monks in the high Himalayas or the tribes of the Vietnamese highland, on every tour we bring it out to the front as much as we can – cuisine, style, music and performance’s, craftsmanship and artisans, locals and history, customs and folklore… there are so many horizons to expand  when traveling a foreign land… it’s a part of the holistic experience of traveling, and much of the spirit of being a “Biker”!

Ride Free

As simple as could be! “Ride free” is the experience of riding and not worrying about anything what-so-ever. Absolutely everything is taken care of. The next stop, when to get up in the morning, dinner, the hotels exactly as you dreamed of them and more, the best roads, luggage will follow, the logistics and timings of it all…this true freedom is one of those reasons you’re going to smile deep from within ALL the way and enjoy the bliss of being in the “right here, right now”.

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