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Starting at $5,850

Israel?? Where exactly? Do they even have paved roads?!

What do you picture in your mind when you think of Israel? Surely Images of “The Holy-land” & religious sites, Middle-Eastern style – like in the movies. Some kind of dusty desert, conflict, war, terror, rockets flying, soldiers everywhere… maybe even camels in the streets?!?


Let us shake you off those images for a sec…and take you on the ride of your life!!

Israel, a land of contrasts, full of diversity of every kind, packed into one small corner on the globe. You shift so quickly from one to another it’s absolutely mind blowing!! With rides along the Dead Sea and the Rift Valley, through the wild nature of the Golan Heights on the Northern border with Syria, cruising miles of Mediterranean beaches, desert rides of unspoiled vistas and terrains all the way down south to the ever-sunny vacation capital – Eilat, on the shores of the very blue Red Sea.  We’ll take a  short hike to the wonderful oasis of Ein-Gedi , float in the Dead Sea and stroll the alleyways of ancient Tzfat – the center of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. You’ll discover Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee, climb Masada…and so much more.  But more than anything, you’ll get a much broader, deeper and more exhilarating experience of Israel,  as a BIKER!

We chose nothing but the best for this tour! A comprehensive experience of Israel, crafted with much love,dedication and passion – Motor-Nature-Culture style!

History, politics, current events, ethnicity, religious sects, holy sites, sun, fun, food, drinks, music and so much more!!

OMG* … You shouldn’t miss this one!!  IT IS (probably) THE BEST RIDE IN THE WORLD

* We’re liberal and open minded and believe everyone is entitled to his own God. We have them all here anyhow. ?



Day 1: Welcome to Tel-Aviv

Upon arrival you will be transferred to our hotel. After settling in , we will all get together to toast the start of our Israel Motorcycle Adventure!

Day 2: The Ride Up North

Let's Ride!! We'll pick our 2-wheels after BF and head north along the Mediterranean coast. Beautiful beaches and shoreline, the ancient Roman capital of Israel – Caesarea, Haifa with the Bahai gardens… and… even the BEST FALAFEL in Israel. Next we'll stop in Nazareth, birth place of ``Jesus of Nazareth``, and admire the ancient holy place, including a visit to the sacred ``Basilica of Annunciation``. Our stay for the next 3 nights is in a beautiful & very special accommodation located in one of the most picturesque towns of Israel – Rosh Pina

Day 3: The Golan Heights

Today we’ll travel to one of the most beautiful regiins of Israel, and a very interesting one politically – the Golan Heights. We’ll drive it from north to south, we’ll cross the Jordan river, we’ll clime up to the volcanic hills and descend the infamous winding road to the amazing thermal springs and spa baths of Hamat-Gader, and drive back to our hotel along the Eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Day 4: The Galilee

The mountainous terrain of the Galilee is perfect for riding motorbikes. We’ll head up to Tsfat, center of Jewish mysticism – ‘the Kabalah’. Walking tour in the ancient alleys of Tsfat is always a spiritual and unique experience. After that we’ll ride some beautiful roads in the green terrain, along the Lebanese border with it’s intriguing and blooded history (still being written). We’ll stop for a visit in Druze villages (A religion and an Arabic minority living in Israel in the Galilee mainly), and have wonderful local hospitality at one of the families houses in the village, where we'll have lunch. Back to the hotel through yet more Galilean roads…

Day 5: The Dead Sea

This day is a fabulous riding day. We're taking the perfect highway down-south along the Jordan river to the Lowest point on this planet – the Dead Sea. One of my favourite rides (there are many), No words to describe. The Judean desert and the Dead Sea were voted among 10 ``New 7 Wonders of Nature`` in a huge & worldwide competition (where ``the Amazon``, ``Grand Canyon``, ``Halong Bay`` and other truly most fabulous creations of nature been voted…). Didn't make it to the 7 though ? Of course the rich and interesting history as well as fabulous landmarks of this region will be in the center of this day (other than the Rides… ahhhhh) – Masada, Ein Gedi Nature reserve, a float in the saline water of the Dead Sea (have to do it once… ), and of course – a special place for a special night…

Day 6: Eilat

So, today we're going to reach the southernmost point of Israel, happened to be located on the northern tip of the Suez Gulf, Surrounded by red rocks - the granite and sandstone mountains of the Sinai Massif. ahhhh… really one of the most beautiful places (jj told you there are many). The ride there is a heaven of ``cruising through the desert``. We'll also visit a Kibbutz on the way, and have the opportunity to see both their communal life (well, the ``modern world`` phase existing nowadays…), and also – the amazing achievement of Israeli Agritech and the wonders of the successful agriculture industry in the harsh desert.

Day 7: Eilat (Free Day)

Eilat is truly a magnificent Vacation destination. Big hotels on a stunning promenade of palms & sandy beaches, the blue colors of the Red-Sea & sunny skies above mixed with wild and baren red & black desert mountains, lots of attractions, lots of shopping, lots of fun… AND great sunny weather throughout most of the year… we'll allow a day off here! However, if someone wants to join a short ride with a short hike through these mountains, with some other vistas and more nature beauty – we'll take you to this adventure as well. The 3rd option for this day is to take a short brake and go visit the world-famous site of ``Petra`` – a UNESCO protected heritage site, which became one of the ``new 7 wonders of the world`` competition held in 201. Truly magnificent, although takes a full day-tour (early morning departure and back @ late afternoon).* * This option can only be booked in advance, and at an extra cost. For details see below, at ``pricing``.

Day 8: Desert Night

Riding back north from Eilat and crossing the Israeli Negev desert will be from a different rout this time. First, we'll ride along the border with Egypt on the western side. So close that in some places we'll actually see the fences and people on the other side. Then we'll take the high Negev Mt. route through the land of Craters, crossing and stopping to admire the worlds' greatest naturally made crater – ``Machtesh Ramon``. Fabulouse! Then through the Bedouin (desert nomads) territories… to our amazing desert camp for the night, in the middle of the ``longest dead-end road in Israel``…

Day 9: Judean Mountains

Today we're reaching the terrific roads and hilly terrain of the Judean hills. Filled with rich history, biblical and later periods, and GREAT open rides with lots of sweepers and good vibe. This area is also known for its great variety of wines and wineries. Be sure we'll stop in one of our favorite boutique wineries for a taste and a toast. Some of the best riding roads in Israel are located exactly in this area, climbing up from the hilly area to the higher Jerusalem Mountains. On good days – you can see from the right view point the coast of Israel from Gaza in the south all the way up to Hadera in the north, including Tel-Aviv in the middle, some 100kms stretch. Yes, you figured it right – we're gonna ride them (can't guarantee visibility though…)!!

Day 10: Jerusalem

Today we enter Jerusalem! We'll save the old city of Jerusalem and the walking tour in it for the next day, and today concentrate on Modern Jerusalem – sites like ``Yad Vashem`` – the National Holocaust Museum, ``the Knesset`` – Israeli parliament, stunning view points over the old city basin, with it's remarkable monuments, Mt. of Olives, Mt. Scopus, a short Geo-Political explanation about Jerusalem – probably the most complex territorial dispute in the world today (religious, cultural and historical.. as well), which stands in the center of the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our fantastic hotel is right outside the Old city, in the modern city center, a very lively place, specially at nights.

Day 11: Jerusalem Walking Tour

Old Jerusalem is one of the most amazing places on planet earth. Imagine – 2.3 Billion Christians, 1.8 Billion Muslims, and some 15 Million Jews… - all have their most sacred sites located in area less than 1 sq. mile – Jerusalem's Old city!! If this is not one of the most energetic centers… I don't know what is! from King David & Solomon, through Jeremiah Isaiah & others, Hellenistics, Persians, Romans… to Jesus, the crucifixion & the tomb, gods temple, destruction, Muslims, the Golden Dome & Al-Aqsa mosque… and sooooo much history and archaeology underneath every inch… soaked in the stones and bricks of this magnificent and unique place… unlike any other. Even today – the mixture of people, sounds, tastes, customs, looks, languages, believes… you have ALL the variety here, going from one extreme to the other and ALL the scale that's between. A SUPER-SITE. Beware!

Day 12: Tel-Aviv Goodbye Party

The ride from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv takes normally less than 1 hour. We'll take a short detour to make it more interesting, but we're anyhow planning to get there around early noon. Tel-Aviv is not ``just`` another city on this tour. T.A was chosen 5 consecutive years as one of the top 10 destinations in the WORLD (urban/city category). It is one of the biggest prides of Israelis – being established by the Jewish pioneers in 1909 – it is the Zionist dream come true. Boasting amazing beaches, restaurants all over, bars, pubs' parties… and generally speaking – nightlife you (most likely) didn't imagine possible, shopping and recreation, industries and high-tech, commerce and finance… Tel-Aviv is without a doubt the ``modern`` capital of Israel. we'll spend the afternoon and night here – drink, walk the promenade, drink, eat GREAT dinner, drink, dance, drink, **beep**… and finally we’ll let you go to sleep ?


  • Motorcycle rental w/insurance coverage
  • 12 nights – boutique/authentic accommodations
  • All breakfasts and dinners (drinks not included)
  • Entrance fees to all scheduled sites along route
  • Support Vehicle/Chase Van/Luggage Transport for duration of tour
  • Licensed Tour Guide on Lead bike employed by Sapirience


  • International Airfare
  • Lunches and Drinks (non/alcoholic)
  • Personal expenses
  • Gas and road tolls
  • Personal Travelers Insurance
  • All services not specified in the “included” section




Tour Dates

October 17-28
March 13-24
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