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We are a group of veteran motorcycle enthusiasts who have made our mark by providing unique, unforgettable premium tours to “road less traveled” destinations all over the globe.

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What is the right tour for me?

Our tours are divided by length:  5-7 Days, 7-10 Days, and 10+ Days. This offers flexibility whether it be your personal vacation availability and ride endurance.    All our tours are almost entirely on asphalt and suitable for riders with 2 years of experience.  And if you still are unsure, a quick conversation with us, and we will surely find the right tour that meets your requirements.

What type of bikes are available on your tours?

On most of our tours we ride Dual-Sport and/or Touring Bikes, (mainly BMW Models, but also availability for Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, and other Dual-Sport bikes upon request.

What are your accommodations like?

Our accommodations are handpicked not only to offer the highest level of comfort and service  but are also carefully selected to complete the atmosphere of where we travel.  You can be rest assured that you are getting not only quality, but also a genuinely unique authentic experience that you most likely wouldn’t find on your own.

Is there a support vehicle on the tour?

There is a support vehicle on all tours 7 days or longer.  Carrying all your luggage, First-Aid, motorcycle and tire repair kit and can accommodate up to 4 additional passengers (those who prefer not to ride or those that simply need a break).

What sort of license is required?

All our riders must hold a valid motorcycle license from their home country along with issuing an international license.  Our tours accommodate riders of both A1 or A motorcycle license or the equivalence.

Are your tours suitable for couples or non-riding guests?

Short answer – ABSOLUTELY!  The routes, the views, the accommodations and the cuisine is not only for everybody, but you and your guest will be extremely happy they came along to experience such a tour.  If your guest prefers not to ride along with you, they can join in the chase vehicle and enjoy the entire tour as you did, without ever getting on a bike.

What kind of meals can I expect?

Breakfast and Dinner are included in most of our tours, and just as with our choice of accommodations, we take pride in selecting not only a satisfying menu, but a true culinary experience.

Will I have a roommate?

All our tours are base priced for single rider in double occupancy.  We will do our best to pair you up with one of the other riders.  If for some reason, we are unable to do so, you will be charged for a single room supplement.  However, we will do our best to save you from these extra charges.  Of course, you can also order a single room in advance if you prefer to be accommodated alone.

Is the Bike insured?

All our bikes are are fully insured unless otherwise specified. (may not apply in full, on tours such as Greece, Vietnam, India…)

What about travel insurance?

It is up to you to arrange travel insurance from your home country.  We recommend that you also include cancellation insurance.

How many people are on each tour?

We believe in creating an experience of riding with friends.  For this reason, we limit our tours to 12 Motorcycles or 20 people (including staff).

What riding gear do I need?

We REQUIRE FULL PROTECTIVE RIDING GEAR on all our tours; Helmet, armoured jacket, Knee protection, gloves, and appropriate riding shoes.  If you would like to rent equipment, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

What do you do other than ride?

We love to ride…I mean we REALLY love to ride!  However, there isn’t anything that gives us more joy then keeping up the exhilaration levels that you get from riding, even when we are off the bikes.  It’s about the total experience.  We will ride these destinations, but we will also explore the land, learn the culture, mix in with the locals, taste the cuisine and dance to the music.

How do you accommodate the pace of 12 different riders and their riding styles?

It never ceases to amaze us that within the first couple of hours of riding together, the pack gets into a rhythm, and in no time, everyone finds the place they feel most comfortable within the pack.  Speed Seekers up in front while View Gapers hang to the back, we have mastered a system that keeps the flow going without any lengthy delays.

Can you arrange a custom tour for our closed group of friends/riding club?

We sure can!  Just tell us what you have in mind and we will do our best to tailor a tour for you and your group.  Quality is a requirement, for you obviously but for us MOST DEFINITELY!  You can be sure that if we are going to package it, you will receive all that stands behind the Sapirience brand.

When should I reserve?

As soon as possible!  What did you think we’d say?  🙂

But seriously, normally at least 6 months prior in order to secure your preferred bike.  But don’t forget to ask us about early-bird discounts.

What if my bike breaks down?

All our motorcycle suppliers have a top of the line fleet that is impeccably maintained and thoroughly checked prior to our departure.  That being said, we are prepared for anything and everything.  If for any reason the bike breaks down or is not suitable to ride, we will immediately service the bike or arrange a replacement bike to complete the tour.

What happens if I get injured on the tour?

We know that riding is exhilarating but also comes with risk.  Depending on the extent of the injury, we are prepared with immediate First-Aid, and are well trained to work with the local authorities to provide the necessary medical attention and will also work with your travel insurance company to make any arrangements required.

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