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Croatia Slovenia

Croatia Slovenia

Starting at $2,400

Croatia Slovenia

A motorcycle adventure riding through the beautiful diverse nature that lies between the Adriatic sea and the Alps. From the sunny coast of Croatia to the snow-capped Julian Alps in Slovenia.

The dissolution of the former Yugoslavia into small entities magnified the differences among the many nations and ethnic groups who inhabited this territory. A mixture of cultures of different Slavic peoples, Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Romans, Turks, Greeks and others each being influenced from their side: Croatia on the coastline has Slavic culture to the east, and Mediterranean influence from the west and south – especially Italy from the other side of the sea. Slovenia is situated on the southern slopes of the Alps, and the people there seem to be much closer to Austrian and Hungarian culture.

The Croatian coast – the Riviera, faces the Adriatic Sea towards colorful sunsets, fragrant seas, blue horizons, and the slopes of the Dinaric mountains to the east with a Mediterranean feel of fishermen villages and semi-dry climate.
A bit inland to the north, Slovenia – divine and mighty regions of wild nature, rivers of turquoise waters, the huge caves of the Karst region, lakes and thick forests, and of course – the Julian Alps towering above.

And for the rides?  Absolutely amazing!  Some of the roads will simply blow your mind and your eyes will pop out of their sockets! Other roads will take you to remote villages and desolate countryside.
This is a special opportunity for those who are looking for a very diverse trip, with great rides & roads, varying landscapes and amazing nature … but with the taste and aroma of past-time, simplicity, people and culture.




Day 1: Llubljana – Plitvice

Welcome to Slovenia! First things first, lets go grab our wheels! After that, we will head out on a suitable first day of riding. Starting out slowly on regular roads we will surely begin to get into the groove once we all feel we have adjusted to the motorcycles and riding as a team. This happens while approaching the Dinaric Mountain range of Northern Croatia. Forests, rivers, hills and mountains dominate the views around here. We then arrive at the Plitvice Reserve, a place that makes you rub your eyes with amazement and ask yourself if what you see is real or a dream. For the remainder of the day we will ride the routes of the reserve.

Day 2: Plitvice to Istria

We are going to start the day crossing two ridge roads belonging to the Dinaric Mountains, and descending towards the Adriatic Sea and the spectacular coastline of the Croatian Riviera. We’ll ride along one of the most beautiful roads in Croatia and one of the most beautiful in Europe as a whole, until we reach Rijeka. There we will begin to climb the mountain range on the other side of the bay and end the day marked by spectacular sea and mountain views.

Day 3: Istria

An amazing day ahead of riding through the villages in the Istria peninsula. Small roads some of them dirt, beautiful views of forested mountain ranges, smells of rosemary and lavender, grapes and olives, wineries and traditional agriculture, picturesque villages and fortresses on mountain heads…Croatia at its best!

Day 4: Istria to Logar

Today we head north and cross into Slovenia. Immediately you’ll feel the difference in the setting, the scenery and the people. We’ll go through the karst landscape and enter one of the most unique and spectacular caves in the entire world. We will continue to navigate deeper into the forests and the high mountains of Slovenia. In a reletively short amount of time, the landscape changes completely to views f the Kamnik – Savinja Alps. We will spend the night at a spectacular far in the beautiful valley.

Day 5: Logar to Bled

Leaving the beauty of the valley, we will have an amazing ride in the direction of Vintgar Canyon, with its cliff hanging trails and clear blue water. Arriving in Bled in the afternoon , we will take our time to enjoy the beauty of the lake and tour the most visited city in Slovenia.

Day 6: Bled to The Soča Valley

Leaving Bled towards another well known and beautiful lake, Bohinj, surrounded by the high mountains of The Julian Alps. We will take a short walk to the famous waterfall of Sevnica and then continue riding south on roads excellent for motorcycles with more breathtaking views along the banks of the turquoise Soča River to the region of Brda on the border with Italy. Brda has been given the nickname the ‘Tuscany of Slovenia’ for its countless vineyards, rolling hills, and medieval villages. As our last night on the road, we will spend it high in the mountains, tasting the local wine and savoring Slovenian cuisine.

Day 7: Soča to Ljubljana

The Julian Alps, beautiful route, spectacular views, the highest mountain road in Slovenia (2160 m/ 7100 ft), that’s how we will spend our last ride until we reach Ljubljana and return the motorcycles. We will sleep int eh capital tonight and have a farewell dinner to summarize this fantastic experience.


  • Experienced tour guide on motorcycle, multilingual, with GPS employed by Sapirience
  • 5 nights accommodation at top unique hotels
  • 5 Day Motorcycle Rental
  • Support vehicle for luggage transport and passengers (limited)
  • Transfer to and from Airport
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Entrance fees to scheduled sites along the route


  • Airfare
  • Lunches
  • Beverages (alcoholic or otherwise)
  • Personal expenses
  • Gas and road tolls
  • Travelers Insurance
  • All services not specified in the “included” section

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