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We are a group of veteran motorcycle enthusiasts who have made our mark by providing unique, unforgettable premium tours to “road less traveled” destinations all over the globe.

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Sapirience Firsthand

Top Ten Reasons

10. Over 20 Destinations on 4 Continents

And we keep adding more every single season!

With that kind of selection, you can be sure we have the right tour for you whether it be your dream destination, a suitable duration or dates you are available!  And those 3 terms are exactly the criteria we programmed in our tour finder to help you find the right fit with ease.

9. A decade of Sapirience

With more than a dozen successful tours that have set out every season for the last 10 years, you can be sure that every tour has been checked rechecked and fine tuned.  We have learned a few things during our time on the road (to say the least), so if and when issues arise, we are well prepared and equipped with quick solutions.

8. Sapirience through & through...

Everything that it entails to plan and execute a successful Motorcycle Tour is crafted solely by Sapirience.  From the early conceptual stages, to research and development, to planning and logistics, to lead guides and escort support team, and absolutely everything in between, before and after is all done in-house…guaranteeing top quality on every tour!

7. Committed to our choices, but flexible in our approach

We take pride in our impeccably crafted itinerary, but be sure that checklist touring is not our style.  We are ready, prepared and even excited to change things up in real-time to allow for welcomed spontaneity and the unexpected.

We will jump in the lake when temps are high, we will dance at the Vietnamese wedding, whatever it may be, we are focused on having an authentic experience.

6. Your Dreams - Our Passion

Founded by Saar Sapir more than a decade ago, Sapirience has grown organically from his passion for motorcycle riding and world traveling, but even more importantly, from his “people-person” blood that you can be sure is now pumping through all the veins of Sapirience.

Although it starts waaaaay before, from the first phone call, you know that the customer is at the center of EVERYTHING we do here.  Your dream is in our hands and this is a responsibility we do not take lightly!  Even more so, we feel absolutely privileged that we get to take part in that dream coming true and that is our passion driving force!

5. Saftey is our priority...

We leave “Riding like there is no tomorrow”  for an inspiring meme, cause we are riding so we can ride tomorrow as well!

  • All our bikes are the latest models and impeccably maintained and tested for safety
  • Full Protective Riding Gear Mandatory on all our tours
  • GPS/Satellite System Tracking on all our Tours
  • First Aide/Maintenance/Tire Kit on Lead Bike
  • All our guides are trained in First-Aide and CPR
  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOL while we ride…not even a sip!

4. Motorcycle - Nature - Culture

Your love of riding is most likely what brought you here, but we know it’s not what’s going to keep you here… and frankly its not enough for us either.  While we of course prioritize in planning routes that give you maximum moto-riding pleasure, we equally emphasize our efforts on the culture and nature we travel through.

The route, the roads, the accommodations, the cuisine, the history, the geology, the local scene…its all at the top of our list of must haves and we make sure all the boxes are checked.

It’s the difference between a “nice motorcycle ride” and a Crafted Motorcycle Tour!

3. Our Super-Sapirience Team

Really something special,our team is THE best team you could ever imagine. Our tour leaders are not just tour guides. They are first LEADERS, people you’d follow. Anywhere. Each different but with a unique “something”, a certain spice that makes touring with them so special. We hunted them down and handpicked them while on tour, when we felt that certain gut feeling telling you – this is the kind of person to lead our tours. The people are what makes the difference, and ours were chosen firstly because of that. Riders & travelers in their heart and soul. People of great confidence and charismatic abilities. Flexible and easy-going while running all this operation seamlessly, carrying everyone on their shoulders and navigating the group – both geographically and socially, giving the space to the individual, while connecting all the participants to form a strong group. Our tour leaders know how to give you this Super- Sapirience. They are the spirit that gives the life and light to this perfect construction we so eagerly and passionately prepare.

2. More than 70% of Sapirience customers return for another tour!


1. We Dance

That’s right!  At every hairpin, on every mountain top, in every valley, through every culture…we DANCE!

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