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Diab Shabso

Diab Shabso

“I never came across a guide with such comprehensive knowledge.”

My trip to Greece was the fifth time I joined Sapirience on a tour. I’ve been riding a motorcycle for so many years, it looks like I came out of my mother’s womb with handlebars in my hand, and it just makes sense that when I go on vacation I’ll go for a motorcycle ride.

I managed to be in South Africa, Greece, Vietnam and India, and on the last two trips my wife Sarah joined me. At first she did not understand why I was so excited about these trips, but after she joined me on this tour, she told me that from now on she was joining me for every trip.

I used to go on organized trips, but I never came across a guide with such comprehensive knowledge. He knows how to explain every place you come to, whether it’s about the history of the place, or whether it’s general knowledge. In addition, when I travel with him, I know that I can be calm, and that everything will be organized tip top. Thanks again. See you on my next tour.

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