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Michelle Ben Yair

Michelle Ben Yair

 “For every dollar I spent I got 100 back!”

Whoever wants to see and experience the REAL and AUTHENTIC while traveling, not the tourist traps but the real thing, the country, its people, their cuisine,…Then Sapirience  with Saar at its lead, is the only way to go!

We were on the Back-road journey through Vietnam, and i mean the real back-roads!

Everything was well organized and way beyond what was expected.

The accommodations were very good ,

The meals are great – I got fat on this trip 🙂

Level of planning and route : PERFECT 10

We entered villages, people’s houses, saw agriculture, industry, crafts, soldiers from the Vietnam army … and more. The cultural experience was incredible.

The motorcycles are weaker than I am normally accustomed to, but there is no choice in Vietnam … Nevertheless, they were quite adequate and adapted to the riding speed and road conditions. Very comfortable.

“For every dollar I spent I got 100 back!”

Thank you very much to Saar and the entire Sapirience team, this trip  was well beyond my wildest dreams!

Waiting for Morocco 🙂

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