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We are a group of veteran motorcycle enthusiasts who have made our mark by providing unique, unforgettable premium tours to “road less traveled” destinations all over the globe.

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Michelle & Hagit Levi

Michelle & Hagit Levi

“Riding with Sapririence was insanely-good!”

As a leader of the Harley Davidson brand here in Israel, I have seen, experienced and planned quite a few motorcycle trips to say the least.

As I personally lead local tours of 30-100 riders, I never imagined that there were better pros out there than us. I must say that riding with Sapririence was insanely-good! The tour leader (who always knew when and how to pull the pack and raise the riding levels for each individual at his/her own pace), the hotels, the versatility, flexibility and most importantly, the heart of everyone on the team!

For us, Motorcycle touring abroad will certainly be with Sapirience. You are a winning team! Thank you for a lifetime of memories and I promise to see you again soon!

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