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Ricky Tiller

Ricky Tiller

“The trip was superbly organized down to every last detail!”

The tour with Sapirience to South Africa was not our first motorcycle trip as my husband and I traveled quite a lot through Europe on motorcycle, however, it was our first organized motorcycle tour.

The trip was superbly organized down to every last detail!

We arrived in Cape Town where excellent, well-maintained motorcycles were waiting for us with our names on each motorcycle, all we had to do was hop on and start the engine. The hotels were excellent, especially suited for motorcyclists with excellent accessibility, and far above our expectations.

The pace of the trip was optimal. Not an arduous journey on one hand and not too short on the other. The routes we traveled were varied and beautiful, with breathtaking roads and dirt paths.

Every day there were also interesting stops. We visited the very best of various sites,  both authentic and touristic.

Saar navigated and lead this tour with grace and generosity.

Definitely highly recommended!

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